Design Process

Our internal process of designing WordPress themes.

Why is a design process important?

I’m going to uncover the design process behind our WordPress themes at Pixelgrade, hoping that others will learn something from it and it will help them design better themes.

Is a way to break down the challenges posed, question them, and develop solutions, accordingly.

This framework is not to add unnecessary complexity to our work, but to uncover new truths, to be able to make, experiment and test a lot of different things.

Tip: Processes are great. But the moment you let them paralyze you into unnecessary checklist work, you’ve fallen into the bullshit trap.

Note: This is not a linear process. We don’t do this and then this and then this. There’s a continual iterative loop that occurs and exists within each phase/sprint. What I love about this process is you just keep making, prototyping, testing in an iterative loop. Going from 1-5. Then back to 3-5. Then back to 1-5. You get the idea. Allowing you to ‘fail fast’ and gauge and track what is working and what isn’t. There are a lot of applications and nuances.

  • The design process is not a linear set of actions but rather a cycle of actions that need to be applied many times until the design matures, the simplest cycle mentioned was: Assimilation, Synthesis, and evaluation.

Useful Links:

  1. How It Works: Design Thinking  (video)