Customizing instructions for multiple themes

You can use a few simple shortcodes to show/hide pieces of text in order to make the same article available for multiple themes:

  • To add a specific text just for one theme, add this shortcode: [specific theme=themename]Piece of text or instruction… [/specific]. Example: [specific theme=rosa2] Text… [/specific]
  • To make a specific text applicable to multiple theme, add this shortcode: [specific theme=rosa2,vasco,gema,hive] Piece of text or instruction…[/specific]
  • To dinamicaly display the theme name in a piece of text, use this shortcode: [product_name]. Example: Customizing the colors for [product_name] is a great way to…

Tip: avoid using the shortcode function from Gutenberg to be able to format the text easier. View this screenshot for more details.