Plugin Basics

What is a Pix Plugin?

At Pixelgrade we have this concept of a PixPlugin, it doesn’t define anything straight, or a certain structure, it is simply a concept which tells us to keep our plugins under the same mantra.

The time thought us that we cannot maintain too many plugins under the same core while its complexity grows with every new plugin based on it.

So we decide to switch to a skeleton simple enough to cover all our flexibility needs, but also a popular one to help us be transparent about or plans and features.

The Boilerplate

The winner is Popular and simple to use.

If we are about to make something different it should be written here, but for now, our guidelines and rules are not beyond the WordPress ones:

  • For every feature you want to create always check if the WordPress core has a proposal for it.
  • Always think about using a hook before hardcoding a thing.
  • Respect the WordPress Dashboard and treat it with care.