Updating existing documentation articles

  • Migrate the content to the new editor (Gutenberg);
  • Check and fix any broken links. If some external links are broken, replace them with other trustworthy sources or internal resources that fit;
  • Check spelling and grammar. You can use a tool like Grammarly for extra help to spot typos and such (we do have a premium account)
  • Check if the article contains outdated information and replace it or remove it if no longer applicable;
  • Update links to other documentation articles or blog posts so that they match the new categories implemented last year. Here’s how you can find out the new link.
  • If applicable:
    • Add new helpful information to provide a fuller picture on the subject at hand;
    • If it is a feature that multiple themes share, consider making the article available to more themes. Make sure you customize the directions so they match the specifics of the theme (e.g., if the same settings are found in a different location, make sure you customize the text).